Spring break is here!! Today is the official kickoff for spring break in our house and we’ve all been feeling very ready for a break. I am really looking forward to more chill mornings and a fun family vacation we have on the agenda for next week. We’ll be spending Easter morning at home before hitting the road in the afternoon on Sunday and I cannot wait!

Before signing off, I wanted to share a roundup of weekly favorites, Things I’m Loving Friday style! Please feel free to join in and share something you’re loving with me in the comments section of this post. Enjoy your weekend, my friends, and Happy Easter to those celebrating this special day on Sunday!

Things I’m Loving Friday

I’m forever in awe of teachers and, once again, was blown away by the creativity of Ryder’s teacher for their class egg hunt this year. Egg hunts are fun and exciting but can also be intense with younger kids who are all too aware of who finds the most eggs. The way Ryder’s teacher handled the egg hunt this year was seriously genius! Each family brought in a dozen filled eggs and then she numbered the eggs 1-12 with a permanent marker. Each child then decorated an egg carton and she added stickers to the inside of each carton with the numbers 1-12 again. For the egg hunt, each kid had to locate one egg with each number and add it to their carton. This made the egg hunt not only last longer but also all but eliminated competition and comparison among Ryder and his classmates. So smart, right!?

Ryan and I are planning to do one color egg for each boy to find on Easter morning this year to keep things fair and also allow us to hide the eggs at appropriate difficulty levels for each kid. Let’s just hope I can find a bunch of eggs in a single color at the Dollar Store or Target within the next two days. Haha!

When I say I’ve been meaning to try Nuuly for well over a year, I mean it. Two of my girlfriends get Nuuly deliveries monthly and it felt like every single time I’d compliment them on their outfits, they’d say, “NUULY!” My interest was piqued and I figured I’d give it a shot for a month to see what I thought. Initially I thought it was going to be similar to Stitch Fix (a service I still sporadically use on occasion for me and the boys where new items are selected for you based on your style profile) but it’s actually quite different.

With Nuuly, you “rent” the clothes they send your way and select every item in your delivery before it is shipped. You have the option to buy the items you receive at a discount or you can wear them as long as you’d like and then send them all back.

In my first Nuuly delivery, I rented six items: A pair of distressed jeans (retail value $228), a cropped pink sweater (retail value $50), two jumpsuits (retail value $150 and $195) and two dresses (retail value $209 and $320).

Citizens of Humanity Jeans:  

Urban Outfitters Sweater: 

Rue Stiic Dress: 

dRA Jumpsuit:

Anthropologie Jumpsuit: 

Every single item except for one worked for me! (One of the dresses — unpictured — was too small.) I still haven’t sent my delivery back because I’m planning to wear one of the dresses for Easter and some of the other items on our spring break trip next week but still wanted to highlight the service here because I’m so impressed!

If you’d like to try Nuuly, you may use my affiliate link and we’ll both receive $10 off our next Nuuly delivery. I’m excited to try it again next month as we have a wedding coming up and the dresses they have available to rent under their “special occasions” edit are gorgeous!

I’m pretty sure these wings may have popped up in a past recap of my weeknight meals but I think wings are officially my favorite thing to make in our air fryer. They’re super easy to make and frequently pop up on the menu for simple lunches and easy weeknight dinners. I made them again for lunch yesterday (with ranch for dipping, of course) and figured I’d mention them here for any other air fryer fans out there. I marinate the wings for a few hours in teriyaki sauce and garlic salt and then place them in the air fryer at 400 degrees for 25(ish) minutes, tossing them every 7 minutes or so. I’ve perfected my method over time and this one seems to yield the best results and allows me to make a decent amount of wings in one batch in our mini countertop air fryer. So good!

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