Hey friends! How are you? This week passed by in a blur of moving boxes, tying up loose ends, organization and more sorting and donating than I could’ve ever anticipated. I suppose I should’ve figured moving would be overwhelming but everything seems to take 10 times longer than I figured it would. I think some of this is because I’m determined to only move the stuff we truly use and need and let go of some of the things that have accumulated in our home over the past eight years. It’s daunting but oddly satisfying, too.

It’s crazy to this this will be our LAST weekend in the first home we’ve ever owned. If I let myself think about it too much, I am hit with some seriously intense sadness. I am trying to save my tears for the final few days before we leave otherwise I could see myself walking around crying non-stop thinking about the fact that we’re leaving the home we shared with Sadie and the home we brought each of our newborn baby boys home to after they were born. I know it’s going to hit me hard. We’re moving for a good reason but home is my favorite place in the world and this one has been so good to us.

Before I totally disappear into moving mayhem, I wanted to take a moment to blog a little bit this morning and share this week’s roundup of favorites, Things I’m Loving Friday style. I hope you all have a great weekend and hopefully my American readers out there will get to enjoy an extra day of summer fun on Monday! Happy (almost) Fourth of July, my friends!

Things I’m Loving Friday

I’m not lying when I say I wear bralettes 98 percent of the time these days. I’m not sure if motherhood is to blame or just the fact that I’m getting older and feeling less tolerant of wearing anything remotely uncomfortable but I reach for soft underwire-free bralettes over “real” bras almost every single day of the week. Years ago, I recommended these Amazon bralettes to you guys and they’ve been my go-to ever since. More recently, however, I found myself on a mission to find bralettes I could wear with lower-cut tops and wanted bralettes with super-skinny straps that looked cute when they popped out underneath tanks, rompers and summery dresses. Enter this 3-pack of deep v bralettes.

(I’m sporting the bralette in the above pic underneath this !)

They officially outrank my previous favorite bralette and I’ve worn them non-stop since I ordered them this spring. They are padded and flattering for smaller busts and comfortable enough to sleep in. Note: For those with larger busts, I had someone on IG recommend these bralettes since the above bralettes I love are only available in a small and a medium.

My rating: B+

After a few of you recommended Abby Jimenez’s books to me when I shared my blog post about recommended beach reads and I’m glad you did because I enjoyed the first book I read by this author quite a bit! It was *this close* to receiving an “A” rating from me but the first half of the book was a little redundant at times. I felt like a solid 100 pages could’ve been removed since a lot of the book seemed to reiterate the same back-and-forth between the two main characters with the same internal struggles surfacing over and over. (Also, for anyone facing infertility, this book talks a lot about infertility and, without sharing any spoilers, I can see how this book might be one you may want to avoid if your heart is in a vulnerable place right now.) The second half of the book, however, flew by!

Now onto the story… It’s been a hot second since I genuinely liked the main male character in a book as much as I did with this one. Josh is set to be the best man in his friend Brandon’s wedding and when he meets the maid of honor, Kristen, he’s immediately intrigued by her wit, intelligence, humor, ambition and “cool girl doesn’t care” vibe. Kristen, however, is in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend, Tyler, who is deployed but set to return any day.

What Josh doesn’t know is Kristen has mixed feelings about Tyler’s return and their plans to move in together for the first time. As Kristen and Josh grow closer, she’s determined to keep him at an arm’s length for a myriad of reasons, beginning with her commitment to Tyler and ending with her knowledge of the fact that Josh wants a big family, something Kristen is all-to-aware she won’t be able to biologically give him after she undergoes surgery to finally give her body some relief after years of pain and struggle. This book is romantic and witty and fun but has a little depth, too. I’d recommend it for anyone looking for a beach read who isn’t bothered by a little redundancy.

Moving is undoubtedly stressful but one of the major perks of moving is uncovering some long-lost gems. I had quite a few laughs over some of the random things I found over the course of the past week but nothing made me smile more than discovering some old photos from the early days of my relationship with Ryan! For any newer readers, we met in early 2004 in college and the throwback pics of our time together at UCF — Ryan’s long, blonde hair! My makeup! — made both of us laugh out loud!

Below you will find a roundup of some of the holiday weekend sales that caught my eye!

:  Up to 50% off summer favorites

: 40% off shorts, tees and swim + 25% off everything else (Love this and this )

: Up to 60% off sitewide (For anyone looking for shorts that aren’t too shorts + have more room in the hips/thighs these are some of my favorites: , ,  5-Inch Vintage Sweat Shorts)

Abercrombie: 25% off everything (So many cute summery dresses!)

GAP: Up to 50% off + Up to 75% off sale (Includes my fav high-rise barrel jeans — the ones pictured here!)

Revolve: Up to 60% off sale

LOFT: 50% off + Extra 20% off sale

Berry Frozen Yogurt Pie (Sweet, festive and delicious!)

Healthy Fourth of July Recipes (For anyone looking for yummy yet healthy eats to make this weekend!)

Question of the Day

What is one thing making you smile this week?