“We wanted to streamline our website and SEO, and find a company that would handle our patient recall and have the ability to host our website and boost us on Google. Legwork was the only company to have all those services available under one roof. We were also very happy to have the ability to use online forms.” – Elise M. 

Many dental websites serve more as a glorified brochure than for online marketing to attract new patients and delight current customers with easy-to-use, web-based tools. In contrast, Legwork Websites are designed with both patients and search engines in mind.  

Dental professionals choose Legwork websites because they are user-friendly, on-brand, and visually appealing. When combined with Legwork software, Legwork Websites streamline processes for both patients and admin teams.  

Enjoy a User-Friendly Design  

Even if your website’s basic information is present, in order to convert prospects into patients and keep your clients engaged, a modern website must easily offer visitors what they are looking for. Mobile-responsive, Legwork dental websites feature a scalable design and content proven to engage prospective patients.  

Build Your Dental Brand Recognition 

To build your brand, your website needs a mix of technical advancement, quality content, and artistic style. The Legwork team of skilled copywriters and designers will work with you to add details and personal touches that make your dental websites stand out! 

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly  

The Legwork website builder tool allows you to preview and select from a variety of pre-designed web modules to engage prospective patients. After choosing your module, our team will brand your new website content for your dental practice. It is also desktop, mobile, and tablet-compatible so it’s scalable and easy to navigate on any device.  

Integrating Your Patient Information  

In order to meet modern patients’ expectations, it’s essential to have a website where patients can schedule appointments, update forms, and browse resources for oral care.  

Leverage your existing patient base and Legwork suite of website tools to drive consistent traffic to your site. With patient assessments, online appointment booking, digital forms, and patient portals, Legwork tools demonstrate to Google that your website is more than a glorified brochure. Our dental software solutions integrate patient communications and customer service with your website, creating a steady flow of online traffic. 

Capture Prospective Patient Information  

After visiting your website, some people will still ponder becoming your patient. They may need more time to research before deciding. Through Legwork Assessments, web visitors exchange email addresses in order to view their results. Once collected, Legwork Assessments syncs your new contacts’ details to your Legwork software in order to deliver follow-up emails educating the prospective patient about the treatment they’ve expressed interest in, as well as your practice. Improve your lead conversion and new patient flow effortlessly through Legwork Websites! 

Let Patients Schedule Appointments  

Save front desk time, increase patient satisfaction, and keep your seats full through online appointment booking. Legwork lets you set available time slots so patients can then easily select their own dental appointment directly from their desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. Your patients get the time they prefer, and your front office runs more efficiently with fewer gaps in your schedule. 

Collect Patient Data in Advance 

Simplify your day-to-day operations and make life easier for new patients by giving them the ability to complete medical history forms via your website. Through digital patient forms, your office staff gets the information they need, and your patients have one less thing to worry about on their first visit. 

Offer Your Patients a Virtual One-Stop-Shop  

Legwork can link your patient portal to your website, so it serves as a one-stop-shop for patients to easily update their information. Once patients register for access, they can request appointments, complete and update forms, and view upcoming appointments conveniently from the comfort of their homes. Practice staff can set Legwork to automatically notify patients when forms are due for updating and send patients links for easy access. Now your patients can take care of tedious administrative tasks that keep your staff at the office longer than you would like!  

Designing With Your Dental Patients in Mind  

Today’s dental patients are also savvy consumers. Not only do they expect to be able to renew their driver’s license or book their next vacation online, but they also want to be able to plan and prepare for their dental care in the same way. If you’re not offering these capabilities, they’ll choose the competitor who is!  

With a focus exclusively on dental websites for dentists, the Legwork web team knows what’s unique to designing sites for your patients!  

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