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5 Ways To Use Your HoverBar Tower iPad Stand

Spoiler alert – it’s the perfect iPad stand for in bed, but we’re gonna talk about some other ways to use the HoverBar Tower in fitness, before we get to Netflix and chill!

I’ve had the Twelve South HoverBar Tower for a couple months now; it was great timing as I’d just invested in an iPad to use when Personal Training clients in their homes. I’m not a huge fan of digital notes but I started using an app to program workouts and using an iPad to access it looks a lot more professional than being on my phone when with a client.

About The Twelve South HoverBar Tower

Back in January 2023, Twelve South – a leading designer of Apple accessories – launched the HoverBar Tower. It’s a flexible floor stand made specifically for iPad.

Some of the Twelve South HoverBar Tower features include:

  • adjustable height (90cm to over 150cm)
  • rotating bracket allowing portrait or landscape
  • really easy to assemble
  • fits all iPad models, even with most cases attached

The HoverBar Tower is available to purchase now for £129.99 from Apple in-store and online in white and black and Amazon UK in black only.

5 Uses For The HoverBar Tower iPad Stand

Uses For The HoverBar Tower iPad Stand

The Twelve South HoverBar Tower is definitely one of the best iPad stands I’ve come across to date in the UK. The quality warrants the price tag, for sure. Here are various ways to use the iPad stand to make it a good value purchase:

Delivering / Participating In Online Classes

When I’m delivering my online classes and Personal Training, using the HoverBar Tower iPad Stand allows me to use my iPad as another Zoom screen, as a timer or to display my session plan. I can position out of the camera view so it’s visible to me, but not my participants.

I’ve also used the iPad stand when I’ve attended classes like online yoga and if you use apps like Fiit for on-demand classes, it would work really nicely.  

Instead Of An Indoor Cycling Table

I do currently use a Lifeline Trainer Table, but this iPad stand would make a great alternative, and / or addition to an indoor cycling set-up. If you have Zwift installed on your iPad the height is perfectly adjustable to suit when you’re on the bike.

Otherwise, you could use it to watch films or control your music while you’re riding.

Perfect iPad Stand For In Bed

If you’re looking for the perfect iPad stand for in bed, this is the one. The way the stand is built, the flat panel which makes up the base, slides nicely underneath a bed / sofa allowing you to have the screen at the perfect distance for watching Netflix* while tucked under a blanket.

*other streaming platforms are available (including Amazon Prime Video).

Next To Your Walking Pad

Firstly, yes, I did succumb to the TikTok fitness trend and got myself an indoor walking pad to help work on my base fitness. Since the pandemic, 99% of my work in indoors so I no longer have to commute and travel between venues.

This has meant a huge reduction in my daily steps and with safety concerns and bad weather, it’s not always feasible to get outdoors for a walk.

Anyway, having an iPad stand is super useful to have next to the walking pad to allow me to play podcasts without the need for headphones and / or some more Netflix.

To Use Your iPad As A Cookbook

The majority of recipes I follow these days are online as I’m constantly trying to figure out how long I need to cook every and anything in my air fryer or instant pot.

I do most of the searches on my iPad so I can have a good view of the recipe as I follow along and using the HoverBar Tower iPad stand means I can save what little counter space I have for the process. And keep my iPad out of danger from spills.

Bonus: Watching Movies In The Bath

I think this will be my next use for the HoverBar Tower – using it to hold the iPad so I can watch a movie or show while taking a bubble bath (or more likely an epsom salt bath!). Obviously take care where you position the stand so as not to risk the iPad dropping in the bath when fiddling with it.

Hopefully from the ideas above yo can see the HoverBar Tower is not just for fitness! You could even use it to follow online tutorials or in your home office it could be used to float an iPad above or next to a desktop monitor as a second (or third) screen.

It’s super portable yet sturdy, with a long list of clever ways to be used! You can pick up your own HoverBar Tower for £129.99 from Apple in-store and online in white and black and Amazon UK in black only.

Got any other uses for the HoverBar Tower iPad stand?!