31 Days of Global Flavors for National Nutrition Month: Day 27

We at the tail end of National Nutrition Month and for day 27 my friend and colleague Frances Largeman-Roth is talking about one of her favorite global flavors, matcha.


Matcha is made by grinding up dried green tea leaves to a powdery consistency. It has a distinct earthy, sweet flavor and adds the most gorgeous green color to anything you add it to. Since you’re actually eating the tea leaf instead of brewing it, you’re getting even more antioxidants than when you drink green tea. In addition to lattes and desserts, you can also add matcha to smoothies or just stir it into vanilla yogurt.

I make matcha and oat milk lattes when I want something delicious and have a few extra minutes to savor it. I also use it in desserts, like my Matcha Chia Pudding Parfaits, which is perfect for spring.