Hey friends! How are you doing? This week was a bit of a blur of runny noses, coughs, sick days from school and trying to find my calm and patience in the midst of it all.

I’ve come to realize how completely dependent I am on my solo work time during the boys’ school days/mornings and when that time is blown up, I’m felt feeling overwhelmed, out of whack and behind on everything. I thankfully found a little slice of peace in the mayhem today to check in with you guys, say hi and share a little glimpse into the things I’m loving most this week. Even during crazy weeks that don’t go at all as planned, there are still plenty of joyful moments and smile-worthy things surrounding us. Below I’m sharing a few of them!

Things I’m Loving Friday

File tumblers/mugs, lip balm, slippers and blankets together under “Things I Can Never Have Too Many Of In My Life.” They’re little things that bring me a disproportionate amount of joy because they’re things I use frequently in my day-to-day life. If you live your life away from social media, you may be in the dark about the but if you have even one social media account, I’m guessing you’ve seen some of the madness surrounding this cup. It sells out at lightning speed and has people singing its praises from the rooftops. I rolled my eyes at myself when I finally ordered one to try after giving into the hype… and then it arrived. I hate to say it, but I love it. It’s great and lovely and checks so many boxes. It has a handle (a comfortable handle!), fits in a cup holder, keeps liquids cold or hot for a long amount of time and the rotating lid allows you to use it with a straw, without a straw or fully covered for travel. It’s great and I love it and I’m only semi-ashamed to admit it. (I have the but it’s available in a as well.)

Okay now let’s chat about the latest tumbler to hit the market: Simple Modern‘s take on the Stanley! I ordered this one the minute I saw it online because I found myself tempted to order the 40-ounce version of the Stanley as well (ugh, I know) and figured this one was worth a shot. I’m happy to report that so far it has proven to be a slam dunk! It’s $10 cheaper than its competitor and available on Amazon Prime, but apparently this one has caught on quick because some colors are no longer available. I’ve loved all the products I’ve ordered from Simple Modern in the past (their 24- and 28-ounce tumblers and their children’s stainless steel water bottle) so my hopes were high and I have not been disappointed. It’s so, so similar to the Stanley tumbler with the only exceptions being the Stanley tumbler’s handle is a tiny bit more comfortable (to me) and it has a rotating lid so it can be used with and without a straw while the Simple Modern version is only made for straw drinking. This doesn’t bother me at all as I’m a straw drinker through and through (worth noting, the straw size of the two cups is nearly identical) and I would absolutely recommend this version to anyone looking for a big ol’ tumbler to add to their cup collection.

My rating: B+

Sally Hepworth ranks right up there as one of my favorite authors as her books are always creative page-turners often with a hefty dose of mystery, twists and not-too-freaky suspense sprinkled in the mix. Having recently loved The Good Sister (one of my favorite Sally Hepworth novels to date!), The Younger Wife was my latest audiobook listen this week and once again I thoroughly enjoyed it. (I liked The Good Sister more, so start there but this was still a good one!) There was plenty of intrigue though it wasn’t too hard to guess the outcome of this one. This didn’t detract from my enjoyment, though, and I looked forward to listening to this audiobook during various moments of multitasking throughout the day.

The book begins on the wedding day of Heather, a respected interior designer, and Stephen, a prominent heart surgeon and father of two young women the same age as his new bride. Stephen’s daughters, Rachel and Tully, don’t know what to make of their father’s new love and their feelings are only increasingly complicated due to the fact that their mother, Stephen’s not-quite-ex-wife, is still very much alive though suffering from Alzheimer’s. Is Heather truly in love with their father? Is their father moving on too fast? Is their anything to make of the semi-lucid moments their mother shares that make them question everything? And who is Fiona Arthur, a woman their father claims to have never met but their mother scribbled down and tucked away before her memory began to fade?

It took a lot for me to want to replace the gold heart necklace I’ve worn non-stop since I was pregnant with Rhett but this gifted beauty from LuluCherry made me do it. It’s the ILY Personalized Initial Necklace and includes a delicate heart charm as well as initial charms for each of our boys (C, R, R). LuluCherry is a new small business created by Olga, an incredibly talented jewelry designer, who creates the most delicate, beautiful jewelry all with a minimalistic feel. Her jewelry is dainty enough for everyday wear but stunning enough to make a statement and I was so excited when she offered to send me a beautiful necklace from her new collection. The necklace quality is fantastic; it’s gold-filled, sweat and water proof (I haven’t taken it off since it arrived and wear it in the shower) and safe for sensitive skin.

This necklace is such a lovely piece I had to highlight here in case you’re looking to support a small business this holiday season and want to browse her site for something gorgeous. (I LOVE her stacking rings as well!) Olga is offering PBF readers a 10% discount for purchases over $50 with the code pbfingers10 if you’d like to check out her new website!

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