Traditional scaling has been done using hand instruments. While it’s an effective technique but it the same time may cause tremendous pain and harm the gum tissue. Over the years advancements have taken place in this field and ultrasonic scalers have come into the picture. This technology relies on low-frequency soundwaves that vibrate against your teeth, effectively removing difficult tartar buildup.

These ultrasonic scalers, also known as piezoelectric scalers operate at 28,000 to 36,000 cycles per second.

Hand Scaling

How ultrasonic scalers do work?

The ultrasonic scaler tip attached to the handpiece vibrates depending on the power level. As the water flows over the tip, it is stimulated creating a cavitation effect that causes the scouring actions.  A thumb rule is that one should not spend more than 10 seconds on an individual tooth and never press harder than one ounce of pressure. Pressing hard stops the tip from vibrating and reduces its effectiveness of tip. Also, heat is generated which can damage gingival tissue

Piezoelectric ultrasonic scalers offer unique benefits over other kinds of scalers. A few facts to know about these scalers are:

  • They operate at a slightly higher frequency
  • Require less water to control heat
  • Vibrate less, hence lesser stimulation that causes sensitivity to the patient

One more interesting fact about these scalers is the Sine Wave Drive technology.

The sensitivity which arises from the use of a scaler is what causes discomfort to the patients and makes treatment painful and uncomfortable. But this tooth sensitivity can be avoided with the new technology present in scalers called “Sine Wave Drive” which avoids the stimulation caused by the instantaneous current output & prevent the sensitivity in patients. This makes the treatment painless

These advantages help achieve optimal results with enhanced patient comfort while easily removing plaque, calculus, and more from the tooth surface.

Woodpecker PT-3 Piezon Scaler:

Woodpecker PT3 ScalerWoodpecker PT-3 Piezon Scaler is a multi-functional scaler that is beautifully designed with an automatic water supply system and a smart touch screen to provide the flexibility of operation to the dentist in Oral prophylaxis & periodontal therapy. The woodpecker PT-3 dental scaler is the latest advancement that is used for scaling & polishing any periodontal issues. The tips work in a circular motion without digging on the tooth surface and have a smaller vibration amplitude. These ultrasonic scaler tips are made up of titanium which makes them flexible and comfortable for scaling causing no injury to cementum and protecting teeth or bone.

It is useful for multi-chair clinic setup and the sine wave drive technology present in this device helps reduce tooth sensitivity giving relief to the patient from any form of vibration caused by the scaler tip. Automatic frequency tracking aids in the easy removal of hard calculus from the tooth surface.

All these features reduce any tooth sensitivity and make treatment painless


A circular working mode with a smaller amplitude feels makes the treatment more comfortable for the patient and reduces any chances of tooth sensitivity or any lacerations to the gingiva.