Preserving the ACA’s Preventive Services Protections in the Wake of Braidwood v. Becerra: A Checklist of State Options

On May 15, 2023 the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals temporarily paused a ruling by a federal district court judge that would have blocked the enforcement of the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that insurers cover and waive cost-sharing for high value preventive services. The 5th Circuit will soon hear arguments on the merits of the case. If the plaintiffs prevail, the coverage that more than 150 million Americans have relied on for more than a decade, including zero-cost cancer and mental health screenings and medications to prevent heart disease and the transmission of HIV/AIDS, will be in jeopardy. In their latest Expert Perspective for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s State Health & Value Strategies project, Sabrina Corlette and Manatt Health’s Tara Straw assess who will be impacted by the court’s decision, the preventive services most at risk, and share a checklist of actions states can take to help maintain coverage for residents. You can read the full post here.