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Happy Holidays! It’s time to get some gift ideas for the cyclists in your life or get yourself some goodies. I’m pretty sure there is a ratio of 2:1 where for every two gifts you buy, you need to get something for yourself, no?!

I’m not really a fan of putting together gift guides, hence why it’s always last minute. But then I figured it was a good way to share some of the great products I’ve been using over the past year and beyond.

Once I came up with a few ideas, I realised I could categorise them by type of cycling. So here is what you all find in this cyclists gift guide:

Gift Ideas For:

  • Indoor Cyclists
  • Road Cyclists
  • Cyclocross enthusiasts
  • Gravel & Bikepacking fans
  • The Commuters

All the options are under £150… well, the majority are in fact under £100, but I did accidentally include one that is over £150 (but under £200). I categorised them as £ – up to £50, ££ – up to £100 and £££ – over £100.

Gifts For The Indoor Cyclist

Whether you’re team Zwift, or more of a Wahoo SYSTM lone ranger, I’m pretty sure there is a lil something that could be added to your indoor cycling set-up to help level up.

Indoor Cycling on the Blog:

Sweat Towel

Cost: £

This handy microfibre towel is perfect for catching sweat while Zwifting. Even with a fan, a towel is a must have.

Phone Mount

Cost: £

If you don’t have a Quadlock, who are you?! Keeps your phone in reach for Zwift companion app. Use code “ellelinton10” for 10% off.


Cost: ££

Headphones are a must for music or chatting on Discord. These ones will double up for outdoor use so you can hear your surroundings (or hear the dog / doorbell / kids indoors).

Espresso Maker

Cost: £

Make yourself coffee shop standard espresso based drinks at home with this Bialetti Moka – I’m obsessed with mine!

Recovery Cream

Cost: £

Post ride, rub yourself down with some PREMAX Sour Cherry Recovery Cream. It’s perfect to kick start your recovery, is restorative and soothing. Yum.

Gifts For The Road Cyclist

I feel like the road cyclist is the classic category. Although I don’t cycle much on the roads in the very cold weather, I still have a few basic pieces that can see me through the season should a dry, sunny day come about.

Road Cycling Tips on the Blog:


Cost: ££

This limited edition ridepac is a great gift for the roadies to store your phone or other valuables while out. It fits in a jersey pocket, is water proof and supports my business – ‘keep it simpElle’.

Arm Warmers

Cost: £

Perfect to extend the life of your summer kit, as well as for transitioning between seasons. I’ve had these a couple years and they’ve come in handy so many times.


Cost: ££

The Fisso Thermal Tights are my favourite. I use them all through Autumn and Winter, for road and cyclocross. I’ve had them at least 3 years and they’re still in great condition.

Gifts For The Cyclocross Racer

Whether you’re a pro, or amateur like me, you can still kit yourself out with a few things to make race day that little more enjoyable.

Everything You Need To Know About Cyclocross:


Cost: ££

On a really cold day, you can’t underestimate the benefit of a hot drink. This Deboyo flask has been proving popular with cyclists over the past few weeks.

XC5W Shoes

Cost: ££/£££

I just upgraded my cycling shoes for ‘cross to these Shimano XC5W Womens mtb shoes and have loved them. They’re comfortable and I can ‘run’ easily in them. Always a fan of a boa closure for the perfect fit.


Cost: ££

I got my first kitbrix bag this ‘cross season and it’s been super handy. It’s rugged and water resistant. It fits everything I need and helps me to stay organised and remember all the bits for race day.

Gifts For The Gravel Bikepacker

Whether you’re just a gravel fan or you like to combine it with a spot of bikepacking, these are the items that have seen me through the last year of riding.

Bikepacking Inspiration:

Waist pack

Cost: ££

I saw a fellow bike packer with this and loved it so much I got myself one. I used it for a gravel sportive which was handy as it has space for 2 water bottles (I don’t have cages on my gravel / cross bike). It’s cool.


Cost: ££

I got the adidas Velosamba cycling shoes mostly to look cool, if I’m honest. Made for commuting but perfect for gravel, with reflective stripes and all. They look like regular kicks which is an added bonus.


Cost: £££

So the Alpkit Aeronaut 1 Bikepacking Tent is the under £200 gift idea but it needed to be included. The perfect tent to gift for the individual who might wanna start sleeping under the stars. It was made specifically for bikepacking so is light and also comes in a 2-man version.

Gifts For The Commuter

It’s been a while since I’ve commuted but it’s on the cards for me soon.

Commuter Advice:


Cost: £££

The Camelbak M.U.L.E. Commute 22 Backpack is the newest addition to my cycling kit but I think it’s got great potential. It’s smart looking with plenty of space for all your essentials plus all the functionality needed for a bag perfect to cycle commute with.


Cost: ££

The Liv Hearty Gloves are a favourite of mine. They’re pretty versatile – think Autumn, not too cold Winter, or racing. The grip is great and so is the fit.


Cost: ££

The Velosamba get a double entry as a must have for commuting or that casual day look. The cleats are recessed so you can walk perfectly with no-one suspecting they’re actually shoes for cycling. Win.

Coffee Mug

Cost: £

The perfect gift for your pre-ride coffee at home (or when you arrive at work) is this limited edition ‘women of colour cycling’ mug. An epic collaboration with artist Tegan Phillips, and supports my business – ‘keep it simpElle’.

I hope you found something suitable for the cyclist in your life – or at least inspired some other super awesome idea?!

And just incase we don’t connect before the day itself, I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!