young vaping girl.It’s no secret that smoking cigarettes is terrible for your oral health — and your body! From causing bad breath to increasing your risk of gum disease, there are plenty of reasons to quit smoking for the benefit of your teeth and gums. But what about vaping?

While vaping may be seen as a healthier alternative to smoking, that does not mean it is good for your oral health. In fact, vaping can actually have a negative impact on your teeth and gums in a number of ways. The doctors at Montefiore Medical Center work with patients to help them understand that switching to vaping after stopping smoking cigarettes will not improve their oral health. Continue reading to find out why!

How does vaping affect dental health?

For starters, the nicotine in vape juice can lead to dry mouth. This is because nicotine reduces saliva production, which can, in turn, lead to an increase in cavities and tooth decay. Additionally, the propylene glycol in most vape juices can also cause dry mouth.

Not only does vaping cause dry mouth, but it can also lead to gum disease. This is because the propylene glycol in vape juice can irritate the gums, causing inflammation and redness. Additionally, the nicotine in vape juice can constrict blood vessels, which reduces blood flow to the gums and increases the risk of infection. Gum disease, or “periodontal disease,” is an common infection that can only be controlled, not cured. This is why it is essential to take care of the smile to avoid its development.

Finally, vaping can also stain your teeth. This is because the nicotine in vape juice can adhere to tooth enamel, causing yellowing and discoloration. While there are ways to brighten the smile, such as professional teeth whitening, it can be avoided completely with proper oral health habits.

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