Sleep plays a significant role in recovery, and this is especially true for a Mommy Makeover. Rest is how the body heals and restores itself, but it can be difficult to sleep after surgery on the midsection, breasts, and more. Many of our Denver, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins Mommy Makeover patients often ask how they can comfortably sleep after their operation. While there’s no perfect answer to this common problem, we have a few helpful tips for a good night’s rest.

Tips for Sleeping After a Mommy Makeover

Many people typically sleep on either their side or their stomach. Unfortunately, these positions can be uncomfortable and compromise your results during the first few weeks of recovery. Wearing compression garments while in bed can reduce tension on your skin and sutures. Here are 4 other ways to get a full night of sleep after your Mommy Makeover procedure:

Sleep in a Reclined Position

If you’re recovering from a tummy tuck or breast augmentation, it’s important to sleep in a semi-reclined position. Keeping the abdomen flexed helps alleviate tension on the area and keeps your new breast implants in a natural position. Many patients sleep in a recliner the first weeks after surgery, while others use a wedge pillow while in bed. Choose whichever option makes you feel most comfortable. 

Lay Flat on Your Back

Sleeping on your back is one of the easiest ways to reduce discomfort after surgery. It creates support for your chest ligaments and reduces excess pressure on the midsection. If you struggle to stay positioned on your back throughout the night, try placing a pillow under each arm to keep your body in place. Some people also find that a pillow under the knees improves comfort in this sleeping position.

Avoid Sleep-Inhibiting Drinks or Foods

When you’re trying to learn a new sleeping position or manage post-op discomfort, falling asleep can be challenging. To make the adjustment easier, try avoiding foods or drinks that may inhibit your natural sleep patterns. Alcohol, sugar, and caffeine can all disrupt sleep and make it difficult to rest at night. Cut back on nighttime beverages and avoid hidden sources of caffeine such as chocolate, soda, and supplements like ginseng. 

Move Around During the Day

While you may be on (mostly) bed rest the first day or two after surgery, you don’t need to stay cooped up in your room for long. From the moment you are able (day 1), you should be getting up for brief periods of time to walk around your house—a few minutes every hour or so. This movement improves circulation, reduces the risk of blood clots, and makes it easier to sleep at night. You can slowly transition to taking longer walks as your recovery progresses

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