The single most important benefit of buying private health insurance for Diabetic patients is that it mostly doesn’t have a waiting period. You need not to wait before you start claiming for the diabetes treatment costs.

Another important benefit is that Diabetes health insurance allows you to manage the high cost arising out of diabetes treatment & its related illnesses without disturbing your savings.

3 Most Important Things To Know Before Buying Health Insurance For Diabetics

1 – “For People Who Take Insulin”

People who have (Type 1) Diabetes & are taking insulin, can be covered under some of the topmost popular plans mentioned in the ‘Top Health Insurance Plans For Diabetics’ list below.

2 – “For People Who DON’T Take Insulin”

People who have Diabetes but don’t take insulin, can be covered under any Health Insurance plan. However, the waiting period would be different for each plan.

3 – “For People Who Have Diabetes For 10+ Years”

People who have Diabetes for more than 10 years, but don’t take insulin, need Underwriters’ approval to get a health insurance policy.

Top 4 Benefits of Health Insurance For Diabetics

  • Doctor Charges – Consult the finest doctors because it cover’s doctor’s consultation charges.
  • Cost of Medicines – Covers cost of diabetes medicines.
  • Diagnostic Charges – Covers diagnostic charges so that you can conduct necessary tests.
  • No Stress – A diabetes need not worry as all their medical needs are covered.

7 Things To Look For Before Buying Health Insurance For Diabetics

  1. A simple & fast claim settlement process
  2. Less waiting period so that you can cover for your expenses soon
  3. Sufficient cover amount in an affordable premium
  4. Huge list of Network hospitals for diabetic treatment
  5. Pre & post hospitalization related to diabetes treatment should be covered
  6. Lifetime renewal option
  7. Free medical check-up annually

What Is Covered in Health Insurance For Diabetics

  1. Zero Waiting Period – Get cover from the first day
  2. In-patient Hospitalisation – Cover for medications & treatments within network hospitals
  3. Pre & Post-Hospitalisation – Diabetes-related medical expenses thirty days before hospitalisation & sixty days after hospitalisation
  4. Ambulance Coverage – Ambulance costs are covered
  5. Organ Donor Charges – Covers organ transplant costs
  6. HbA1C Check-up – Reimbursements for necessary diabetic check-ups

What Is Not Covered in Health Insurance For Diabetics

  • Investigative, experimental treatments & pharmacological regimes
  • Items for personal convenience & comfort
  • A waiting period of two years for diseases such as hydrocele surgery, joint replacement, surgery, hernia, cataract etc.
  • External aids or appliances
  • Dental treatment
  • Pregnancy
  • Hospitalisation resulting from war or act of war,
  • Hospitalisation resulting from biological or chemical or nuclear attack
  • Hospitalisation resulting from any kind of radiation
  • Drugs & alcohol abuse
  • Weight control treatment
  • Cosmetic surgeries
  • Congenital diseases
  • Pre-existing diseases other than diabetes get covered only after a two year waiting period
  • AIDS, HIV or related diseases