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A Little Life Update | Summer ’22

The first half, and then some, of 2022 seems to have gone by in a flash. I started off the year with maximum energy… or at least an attempt to have maximum energy, despite feeling like I was on the road to burnout.

But it was an exciting time! I had the Pinterest Accelerator that I shared in my last update, I started coaching for adidas and was completing my Leadership in Running Fitness Award, amongst many other things.

But now, a good few months have passed again. So, go grab a cuppa and a few biscuits, let’s catch up?!

New Cyclocross Bike Day

As I mentioned in my previous update, I had recently received my 2022 Liv bike – a Brava, for cyclocross. This is the first iteration of this bike in carbon so I’m excited to see how it feels compared to my 2020 Brava SLR.

My first race was booked and took place at one of my favourite locations – Campbell Park in Milton Keynes. I had plenty of fun putting the bike to the test, seeing which skills I’ve remembered and which I need to start practicing again.

I think I’m gonna write up a review of this Brava so keep an eye out on the blog for that in the coming months. Here are a few pics from my first race of the season:

Women & Girls CX Training Day

Having completed my Level 2 Cyclocross Coaching award earlier this year, I got the opportunity to deliver at a womens and girls specific coaching day in Ashwell. Now another date has been added to the calendar so it’s time of me to dust off those coaching skills!

100 Women In Cycling

Now you’re gonna be the first people other this bit of news! I got a few days ago telling me I had made it onto the 2022 list of 100 Women in Cycling which is Cycling UK’s annual list celebrating inspirational women in cycling.

I’ve no idea who nominated me, but Thank You! I’ve of course accepted the inclusion and await the announcement and publication to check out who else in on there.


With Royal Parks Half Marathon just a couple weeks away, I’ve been trying my best to keep on track with my running. While I’m certain I’m going to be able to complete the distance on the day, I don’t think it’ll be a PB kinda day.

I do however think that it will be a good baseline to work from once I’ve completed the event and I’m pretty sure I’d be keen to run one or two half marathons in 2023 now I’ve got the bug again.

parkrun Tourism

As part of my training, when I’ve been away I’ve checked to see if there are any park runs locally. So far, I’ve been to 3 different parkrun locations and had the best time. One in Lincolnshire, one in Kent and one in Dublin.

Kent & Dublin were such hilly courses in comparison to my 0% local parkrun but I figure it’s good training! The Kent location had stunning views; I actually snuck out of a festival – Camp Wildfire – to go to that one.

Every Coach Needs A Coach

After a few dental related health hiccups, I’ve been focusing massively on self-care and one area I need to handover the reigns is my running. Once I spend all my energy on planning adidas Running sessions, my weekly class schedule and sessions for my PT clients, the last thing I wanna do is have to plan my own workouts or create my own running plan.

It’s easy to underestimate how much of a weight off ones shoulders it is to not have to think about what I need to do and when… but just to follow what has been planned for me. I’m looking forward to working with Jemma, my new coach, over the coming months to help me find my groove again.


  • I got to hang out with VeloVixen crew again in September for their Autumn collection shoot. Pictured above is me modelling one of their latest turbo towel designs, somewhat inspired by Zara in the far right image.
  • I went along to Camp Wildfire early in September for the weekend. Check out the reels I made here and here.

Behind The Screen

I feel like I’ve neglected my blog somewhat this year, with no posting as much new content. But the break was needed for my own mental health. I have always continued to update content though and ensure it’s stayed relevant.

Vuelio Top 10 Running Blog

Happy to have stayed ranked by Vuelio in their Top 10 Running Blogs category. I’ve slipped down one spot to #4 but really, I can’t complain considering I haven’t been as on top of content as I would like. I’m celebrating the win though!

What’s Coming Up?

So, I’m about to fly off to Inverness for the weekend to run the River Ness 10k and check out the Loch Ness Marathon. After that is Royal Parks Half Marathon.

This is my provisional cyclocross season race list:

  • CCXL Round 6 – Hemel Hempstead, 16th October 
  • CCXL Round 7 – Welwyn Wheelers, 23rd October 
  • CCXL Round 9 – RAF Halton, 20th November 
  • CCXL Round 11 – Crossmas, 4th December 

If I can squeeze a couple more races in, that would be epic. Especially if I can check out some other leagues and get to race (ride) with friends!

With a couple of vacations planned before the end of the year, I’m thinking this year will end on a high despite all of the ‘real world’ craziness that’s going.

How was your Summer?! Any exciting plans coming up over the next few months?!

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